Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A step up for Holly Madison?

From Hollywoodtuna.com:

Now that I’m on the Twitter, my world has been opened up to a whole new level of desperate attention wh%res trying to get themselves noticed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. How else would I have these pictures of Holly Madison in her little Hooter’s short shorts and tank top for your enjoyment? I don’t believe the thought of her dressed as a Hooter’s girl is much of a stretch considering most of us figured she’d be working there pretty soon after she and the limp old dude parted ways. Now I’m in the mood for chicken wings.

Shilling beers with your tits propped up on a table is better than being with Criss Angel, imo.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Celebrate excessive humping, Jeebus, fertility and what not!

Although, the view does not seem to include any Twin Peaks. I like that TP is making the move to capitalize on all the Catholics that give up beer or alcohol for Lent and missed out on St. Patrick's excuse to get drunk.

Whatever happened to that Hot Legs place that was trying to make a go of it for the Ass Men out there? I guess T > A in the teatery world.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not a Teatery, but I hear you can get a great $0.99 steak at that Home Depot location

Original photo from Flickr

Barely legal, a Teatery, and Teaching does not make for a good Cocktail Time

While Tilted Kilt non-fanboy Eric certainly appears to be a South Plains Panty Dropper™ short a Lubbockian 'stache, but maybe that doesn't translate well to the Metroplex, so he prefers to pay to enjoy the scenery. To each their own, Eric, but it does up the ick factor when one of your high school students works there. On the other hand, would you like to have to foist your bosoms on the table of the man that is grading your shop project to get a better tip knowing how much he makes a year (oh, those abysmal teacher salaries)? At least Grandma Debbie, who is a fan of Freebirds (what do you get on your Monster burrito?), a Pastor, and Pants on the Ground, is creeped out by it. FWIW, I think the food is pretty good at the Kilt, I'd give them 4 stars, but I have no conflict of interest when eating there.

Shout out to the lovely city of Lamesa, the original Panhandle Panty Dropper™ actor Chris Gomez, and all the attorneys out there.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do Hooters fans care whether their favorite Hooters girl was not born a girl?

While perusing Hooters facebook wall, I came across this posting. Something seemed off about the pic, so I checked out Cassandra's resume. She is featured in Showtime's documentary Trantasia. Now, I support breasts in all shapes, forms, genders, but I suspect that these Hooters fanboys have no clue as to who got them a Monday night chub while Facebooking the night away.

Click here to read more about Cassandra Cass.

Bikinis Bar and Grill: Sports with a View


6901 N. I-35
Austin, TX 78752

Hours: Everyday 11am-Midnight

*talent - decent

Only one chubster, the rest had nice abs, but there really weren't any gals to write home about. my server was cross-eyed (which is better than having Stuart Scott tittays, i guess, considering her career choice).

*outfits - meh

97% of the whores were wearing bikini tops that didn't fit right, in a bad way. You do leave there wondering what they are wearing under those skirts. note to all managers/owners of a teatery - make shoes part of the uniform, don't let these dumb cunts that can only get into community college make their own decisions.

*food - ridiculously overpriced

$14 for 6 shrimp wrapped with bacon, with rice and corn. $9 for a steak sandwich that any guy could eat in 3 bites and you don't even get fries without paying another dollar - it comes with chips.

*bonus points - for not trying too hard to be clever with their name or slogan. What you see is what you get.