Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bikinis Bar and Grill: Sports with a View

6901 N. I-35
Austin, TX 78752

Hours: Everyday 11am-Midnight

*talent - decent

Only one chubster, the rest had nice abs, but there really weren't any gals to write home about. my server was cross-eyed (which is better than having Stuart Scott tittays, i guess, considering her career choice).

*outfits - meh

97% of the whores were wearing bikini tops that didn't fit right, in a bad way. You do leave there wondering what they are wearing under those skirts. note to all managers/owners of a teatery - make shoes part of the uniform, don't let these dumb cunts that can only get into community college make their own decisions.

*food - ridiculously overpriced

$14 for 6 shrimp wrapped with bacon, with rice and corn. $9 for a steak sandwich that any guy could eat in 3 bites and you don't even get fries without paying another dollar - it comes with chips.

*bonus points - for not trying too hard to be clever with their name or slogan. What you see is what you get.

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  1. I prefer the Bikinis on 6th even though they only have bottled beer and no taps.